Review of Films with a Clinic Doctor FAQ's

The doctor can look at your films, history, and speak to you on the phone about if he or she believes this may help your problem. It’s important to note that this is not the formation of a traditional doctor-patient relationship until you see the doctor. Rather, this is just an opportunity for the doctor to determine if you’re a reasonable candidate for the procedure and for you to ask addition questions.
Realize that we currently place about 1/4 of the patients we see as GOOD candidates for the procedure, 1/2 as FAIR candidates, and 1/4 as POOR candidates. For more info on this, see

The charge is $250 for 15-30 minutes with the doctor. If you are determined to be a qualified candidate for the Regenexx-SD or Regenexx-AD procedures, this fee will be applied to the cost of the treatment. The fee is not applied to the cost of treatment for our platelet procedures: Regenexx-PL, Regenexx PL-Disc, or Regenexx-SCP.

The doctors prefer CD’s and not hard copies of actual films. These days, most imaging centers can easily and inexpensively burn a CD with the digital copies of your films. These can be sent to Regenerative Sciences, Inc at 14050 N. 83rd. Ave., Suite 220, Peoria, AZ. 85381. We also provide a way to upload your imaging.

Please complete the Regenexx Candidate Form and you will receive complete instructions on the review process.