NFL Legend Danny White & Catalyst Pain Solutions discuss a pain-free and active lifestyle

Catalyst Pain Solutions treats many conditions and is known for its regenerative medicine protocol. Listen to NFL legend, Danny White, speak about Catalyst Pain Solutions and how they impacted his life and his ability to maintain a pain-free and active lifestyle.

Catalyst Pain Solutions Treats Valley Rancher In Desperate Need Of Knee Replacement.

At Catalyst Pain Solutions, putting the patient first is our number one priority.  Watch how our personal, non-surgical methodology helped rancher, Betty, return to her daily activities pain free.

Dr. Cecil Graham and Catalyst Pain Solutions’ patient Carmen Manson talk about alternatives to surgery.

Catalyst Pain Solutions’ Regenerative Stem Cell Procedures are different than other same-day stem cell procedures being offered? We use a sophisticated lab that is part of our medical practice and while some practices add platelet rich plasma to their stem cell concentrate, we use a proprietary “super platelet” mix. Read More.

Cono & Catalyst Pain Solutions Discuss Life With ZERO Pain

Cono Vertuccio has always lived a very active lifestyle. Learn more about how Catalyst Pain Solutions got him back to an active and pain-free lifestyle without surgery.

Local Farmer and Business Owner, Cono Vertuccio & Catalyst Pain Solutions discuss their proven track record and innovative solutions.

Catalyst Pain Solutions’ team of medically-advanced physicians have been improving the quality of life of its patients, since 2005. Watch Dr. Graham and Cono Vertuccio, local farmer and business owner, discuss how Catalyst Pain Solutions’ personal and innovative approach has allowed Mr. Vertuccio to maintain an active and pain-free lifestyle.