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David Dean’s special brand of humor (at least he thinks it’s special) always finds its way onto the air and he loves to have fun. David’s been in radio since he was 14 years old and has made several appearances on television. In his spare time, David follows all things sports, does standup comedy and eats too much pizza (he’s working on that).


 David Dean

*I want to say Thank You to the Doctor who suggested and administered Caudel Epidural. I went from 8-9 on pain scale yesterday to 2-3 today.

Diane R
 David Dean

*For years I suffered from pain in the coastal region of my rib cage. When the pain started on the left side, I couldn't take it anymore. I had two years of Cortisone shots with no relief. After my first treatment at AZ Pain Centers, I felt relief and was completely pain free after the third treatment. I have never felt better and I can live my life pain free.

Brenda S

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