*I had frequent migraines. These migraines were debilitating and caused me to be extremely nauseous. I could not even open my eyes at times. After a few treatment sessions my migraines have almost completely gone away. When I do get a migraine it is nowhere near as painful as it used to be and I am still able to function. I would highly recommend this facility to anyone, the staff here is fantastic.

Erin N.

*Mi nombre is Irene. Actualmente estoy reciviendo tratamiento de de mis rodillas con AZ Pain Center por un mes. Tengo que mencionar que este es una de las mejores experiencias que eh tenido en mis ochenta y cuatro anos de edad. Tanto asi que considero al Dr. Cramer como un milagro en mis rodillas. Desde el ano 2000 no eh podido caminar una distancia corta debido al extremo dolor en mis rodillas, por lo tanto afectando mi vida en todos los aspectos. Sinnembargo, despues de hacer una extenciva investigacion de las muchas opciones; opte por el tratamiento que no invadiera un cirugia compleja. Teniendo ochenta y cuatro anos podria costarme la vida. Cuando entre a la oficina del Dr. Cramer por primera vez lo hize caminando con mucho dolor y con la asistencia de un baston. Dos dias despues de haber recivido mi primer REGENEXX tratamiento yo podia caminar sin dolor, sin mi baston, con una una sonrrisa en mi semblante. P.S. Solo estoy en la mitad del tratamiento de REGENNEX. Estoy impresioana!

Irene G spanish

*My name is Irene, and I have been receiving knees treatment at AZ Pain Centers for one month. I must say that by far this one of my best experiences I've had in my eighty four years. So much that I consider Dr. Kremer a blessing in my life for the miracle performed in my knees. Since year 2000 I had been unable to walk more than a quarter of a mile due to the extreme pain in my knees. Therefore it affected my entire life in all aspects. However, after doing an extensive research from the many options and knee doctors I decided to be treated in an nonsurgical invasive treatment. Being eighty four years old might bring complicated consequences, perhaps even dead for having a complex invasive surgery. Long story short! I came to AZ Pain Centers' office barely walking; with much pain, and with the assistance of my inseparable cane. Two days after my first REGENEXX treatment I was able to walk without pain, without the my cane, and with a smile on my face. P.S. Please note that I'm only half ways of my REGENEXX treatment. Very impressive!

Irene G

*The study that AZ Pain Centers conducted, based on the literature review and the Anecdotal therapeutic experience, we hypothesized that the alkalization of urine (maintaining of urine pH between 7.0 and 7.5) will result in a decrease in personally reported levels of inflammatory and non-inflammatory joint pain sites.

Dr. Dennis Miller, M.D. at AZ Pain Centers.

*When I started taking the pH Perfect product I noticed a gradual but definite decrease in overall joint and muscle aches and pains. When I stopped taking the product I likewise noticed a gradual return of the pain. Needless to say, I’m now back taking pH Perfect again. It really works!!

Danny White, ASU and Dallas Cowboys QB Legend

*I have taken pH Perfect every day for 3 months. The pH Perfect product has definitely reduced my overall pain, increased my energy, helped me to lose weight and improved my hair, skin and nails. I used to struggle with adult acne but it has completely cleared up. Weight loss has been much easier; my appetite is reduced and I am able to exercise due to a reduction in pain. I do still have some pain and joint flare-ups from time to time, but overall my pain is greatly reduced and I have more good days than bad now. My only complaint is that the product can cause stomach upset. This was at its worst during the first 2-3 weeks of taking the product, but has since tapered off and I only occasionally experience stomach issues now. It almost seemed as though my body was going through a cleansing period at first. I have also noticed that the stomach upset generally happens if I take the product on an empty stomach or have been eating too many empty carbs and sugar. So in a way, it forces me to eat better since I have better overall results when I combine the product with a diet that is high in alkaline foods. I would highly recommend pH Perfect for anyone seeking a reduction in overall pain or to improve their overall health.

Becky M

*When we create a healthy pH, you create a significantly more disease-resistant body. The pH Miracle is a historically and profoundly significant insight and contribution to natural healing.

Young, Robert O.; Young, Shelley Redford

*I am so thankful for Dr. Miller, Amy, Leah and Stephanie. You are forever changing my life by reducing my spinal pain... a simple thank you is just not enough.

Kathleen D

*I was going out of my mind in pain. I couldn't put my head in any position to lessen it. Pain would shoot down my arms. I have to stretch a lot and be careful, but there is great relief! I am able to do more and life is so much better.

Susan K

*After years of pain and cheesy or sketchy pain doctors, i was skeptical that you guys could help me. But i am so glad i made that first appointment! I'm not 100% yet, that will take a while, but i feel so much better and am looking forward to when i can exercise again, which i think will be soon! Thank you Dr. Miller and Leah and Amy! You guys ROCK!!!

Becky M

*I want to say Thank You to the Doctor who suggested and administered Caudel Epidural. I went from 8-9 on pain scale yesterday to 2-3 today.

Diane R

*I can't begin to tell you how much I appreciate all of the people at AZ Pain Centers to help me recover from my back injuries. I'll never forget where I was at with my back problems, compared to where I have recovered to today thanks to the treatments. I can actually walk and run again. Back in December, I wondered if my life would ever be the same. I couldn't move. I couldn't do anything except be in pain and it was the most excruciating pain I've ever experienced. Nothing helped. I get emotional when I think or talk about it, but since treatment I can sleep again. I can live my life. Words can't describe how good it feels. Please tell everyone there how grateful I am.

Allen C

*I've been seeing Dr. Graham for my back pain and there is such an improvement my kids and I are happy again! I don't know if you ever get to hear the good news, but I wanted to Thank You from my heart as you are a major factor as to whether or not I could even see Dr. Graham. If it weren't for this change in the level of my pain, I honestly don't know what I would've done! Bless you and you are greatly appreciated by myself and my family!


*Thanks to the help of AZ Pain Centers, my headaches are now gone. I believe in AZ Pain Centers and now work for the company so that I can help others experience the pain relief I received.


*I suffered with headaches 28 days a month and spent at least one day a month in the ER. Thanks to the team at AZ Pain Centers, I am now headache free. I believe in AZ Pain Centers and now am part of the team that gets to help others like me everyday.


*For years I suffered from pain in the coastal region of my rib cage. When the pain started on the left side, I couldn't take it anymore. I had two years of Cortisone shots with no relief. After my first treatment at AZ Pain Centers, I felt relief and was completely pain free after the third treatment. I have never felt better and I can live my life pain free.

Brenda S

*I felt constant pain in my shoulders and neck due to my rheumatoid arthritis. Some days I couldn't raise my arms because of the pain. After 3 injections I had no more pain. It has been 2 months since my last injection and still no pain.

Linda S

*I suffered from debilitating migraine headaches since childhood. I thought the only thing to do was treat the pain when it came. Since having the Migraine treatment, I have been migraine free. If you have ever had a migraine you know how much that means.

Kim C

*I was involved in a serious auto accident that left me with severe neck pain and daily headaches. The headaches were the worst part, I would take pain relievers constantly, but after a while all they did was make my stomach sick. I thought I was going to have to live with this for the rest of my life until I found AZ Pain Centers. The procedure was painless and the Doctors and Nurses were wonderful. After the first injection my headaches were eliminated. I then received a second procedure that eliminated my back and neck pain and restored my flexibility. Since the treatments I have been pain free and I have recommended the procedure to family and friends.

Tim L

*I was in constant severe low back pain that radiated down my leg for almost three years after an auto accident. I tried everything including two back surgeries. It wasn't until I had the Low-Dose Steroidal procedure that I was able to enjoy life again. Thank you.


*I had a severe herniated disc and living a life of numbness and burning, pins and needles down my arm and in three fingers. I had constant radiating pain and fire down my left arm. I couldn't carry a purse on left side. I dropped items constantly. My fingers felt like ants were biting them. Now thanks to the treatments, I am a new person. I have my life back and feel fantastic.

Wanda G

*I suffered 13 months 24/7 with severe to moderate pain from Migraine headaches. I lost my job because I was unable to concentrate, sit at a computer or focus on paperwork. I preferred darkness and silence along with cold compresses. I could not drive or even go out of my home. Neurologists could not help, headache specialists could not help, infusion therapy did not help and medications did not help. Thanks to AZ Pain Centers, I am completely healed.

Alan F

*I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, lumbar arthritis and degenerative disc disease eight years ago. About two months ago it went from bad to severe and I was pretty much bed ridden. I was difficult to walk or sit and I could never find a comfortable sleeping position. Within 36 hours of my first treatment I knew something good was happening, it was like the pain control knob was turned down from 10 to 4. I got better after each treatment and I have now started an exercise program that includes walking, stretching, isometrics and resistance training, not bad for only 4 weeks. Going from bedridden to active in one month fits my definition of a life saving procedure.

Dan D

*My back injury almost ruined my life. I was miserable. I could hardly move. I wasn't sleeping and I was continually icing my back. I was always saying my back hurt and I wasn't active with my kids. I was depressed because I couldn't do anything. After my procedure at AZ Pain Centers, I haven't needed to ice back, I feel like a new person. I'm laughing, having fun again. I don't remember the last time I said to my kids, I can't because my back hurts. I'm ready to live again! Thanks for giving me my life back!!

Debi S

*Love, love, love the doctors at AZ Pain Centers!! They did a wonderful job with me. I suffered such bad back and hip pain for YEARS that I couldn't do anything. Less than a month and I'm almost back to normal!!! And I haven't forgotten about really, really great staff there… they are awesome!! Thanks so much!!

Leslie C

*I wanted to write and tell you what a wonderful staff you have at the Queen Creek location! In my life I have been to many pain centers but Dr. Miller is the first Dr in 15 yrs that was able to treat me with out causing me any pain DURING the treatment! I never knew it was even possible to be treated without sedation. I never would have thought it to be possible. Dr. Miller and Amy are an absolute WEALTH of knowledge! The greater story is the miracle of my husband now being pain free. In June of 2007 my husband was diagnosed with colon cancer. The cancer wasn't really the biggest problem. The tumor was removed and he needed no chemo or radiation. The problem came when he developed a leak where the tumor had been removed. He developed sepsis and was on life support for 6 weeks. Ever since that time he has had constant pain of varying degrees throughout his body. I had tried to get him to go in for pain management but he never thought it would work. Honestly he was also just sick of seeing Dr's period since he was still getting treatment for months afterward. I had gone into the Queen Creek location for treatment and I was telling Amy about the pain my husband was dealing with. Amy had told me how she had worked in the CCU with septic patients and knew exactly what he had gone through. I asked if she would mind talking to my husband who was in the lobby. Amy was happy to speak to him. The amount of knowledge that Amy had to impart to my husband was incredible. She was able to tell him what the sepsis did to his body and why the treatments would help. He developed complete trust in her and decided to try treatment ONLY if Amy was there. My husband had one set of cervical facet injections and one round of FM protocol and he had been pain free for the first time in 6 yrs! BTW This was back in the fall and he's still pain free. It was so wonderful to have the "Old Richard" back because he wasn't the same with all the pain. It was my deepest wish for him to be pain free and a miracle for him when he was.

Anne & Ricardo M

*I really wanted to share with you a few thoughts. First is, after all this time, I finally have relief from my pain. I am so glad I got the RFA done. Although the second procedure was more intense and I’m a lot sorer from it, still worth it. I’m hoping I can also get the facets done and be free from all back pain. The reduction in pain has been amazing, and after a year and a half of trying so many different things, I’m glad something is finally working for me.

K. Kowalczyk

*I want to thank AZ Pain Centers for the relief that was given back to me after over twenty year of pain in my lower back and sciatica into my left leg. I went in to AZ Pain Centers and  within the six to ten minutes the pain was turned off like a light switch. From that day I felt my toes in my foot for the first time in over twenty years. I can’t wait to go in for my next RFA treatment to do the right side. The staff is wonderful there as well. Thank you again AZ PAIN CENTERS.

R. Joseph