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A More Advanced from of Platelet Rich Plasma

Catalyst Pain Solutions medical facilities utilize a more advanced form of Platelet Rich Plasma, known as Regenexx-SCP. Regenexx-SCP contains concentrated platelets like PRP, but with a higher concentration, while also containing blood circulating stem cells capable of tissue repair. It is created by a technician, rather than a simple bedside centrifuge. The patient procedure is the same as PRP, but far more care goes into ensuring a PRP mixture that is as pure and effective as possible. With this more advanced form of PRP patients rarely experience the post-injection flare-ups that are sometimes seen with standard PRP.

Regenexx-SCP / PRP Injection Procedure Details

prp-160x300 Regenexx SCP-PRPYour body responds to injuries by delivering platelet cells containing growth and healing factors to the injured area. These platelets initiate the repair process and attract the critical assistance of stem cells. PRP therapy aides the body’s natural healing process by delivering a higher concentration of platelets, directly into the area of need. Platelet Rich Plasma involves drawing a sample of your blood, which is centrifuged to isolate the blood platelets. This Platelet Rich Plasma is precisely injected back into the area in need of repair, enhancing the healing process. The process has been shown to be safe and effective.

PRP therapy is a fairly simple procedure that requires a couple of hours in our clinic. Patients typically require no downtime from the procedure, as it is a simple injection procedure that requires no anesthesia and little recovery time. Patients typically require 2-3 reinjections depending on their condition. Patients may experience improvements within the first couple of weeks, with continued improvements over time.

Catalyst Pain Solutions incorporates platelet rich plasma injections and PRP therapy into their overall care plan for patients seeking joint and back pain relief. Our Phoenix pain management staff provides an assessment to help each individual become educated on the long-term health benefits from PRP/SCP treatments. It is important to pinpoint the actual root of the problem in order to determine a plan to increase the quality of living, minimize future pain and eliminate the stressors and prolonged recovery time often associated with surgery.

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How Platelets Help Our Bodies

Platelet structures are fragments of cells that contain proteins necessary to help seal broken blood vessels. These include: adult stem cells, signal proteins, collagen matrix, and 6 different growth factors. In an injury, it is the platelet mixture and concentrate that respond first to help prevent bleeding. Their purpose is to implement tissue repair and prevent further injury to the body.

Because the natural healing factors of platelets are to restore order within the body, concentrating these healing efforts towards the specific areas of injury by implementing PRP/SCP injections boosts the recovery process. With platelet rich plasma injections, the concentrated platelets target the injured area of the body to immediately begin the strengthening and healing of the damage sustained.

*Catalyst Pain Solutions, formerly AZ Pain Centers

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