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In this informative seminar, you will learn about our Regenexx interventional pain treatment protocols and how we use your own stem cells to get you back to a pain-free and active lifestyle.

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Guided by a relentless focus to provide the most innovative and effective medical procedures for the relief of chronic pain, Catalyst Pain Solutions gives patients and their Doctors a choice between traditional and new Low-Dose Steroidal pain intervention medications. Catalyst Pain Solutions is well known in the community for our extensive use of Low-Dose Steroidal techniques and medications.

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How the Low-Dose
Steroidal & Non-Steroidal
Procedure Works

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Regenerative vs Surgical
Procedures Cost Comparison

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3D Spine Simulator
Spine Simulator, Body
Postures and Subluxation

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The Life Changing
Potential Of Natural
Regenerative Cells

Dr. Graham discusses
discusses Catalyst Pain Solutions’ comprehensive approach to getting you back to a pain-free and active lifestyle.

Interventional pain management is designed to help you reduce your pain, as well as provide options for preventing or stopping pain in the future. This type of therapy combines cutting-edge treatment options with a comprehensive look at the patient as a whole, rather than just their pain. Catalyst Pain Solutions uses non-prescription and minimally invasive procedures to mitigate pain and help its patients get their life back pain free. Watch this month’s Your Life segment to learn more.

Now Offering the Nation’s Most Advanced
stem cell & blood plateletprocedures for injuries and degenerative conditions.

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About Catalyst Pain Solutions

Catalyst Pain Solutions’ team of physicians are medically advanced in their knowledge and use of Non-Steroidal and Low-Dose Steroidal anti-inflammatory medications for the treatment of chronic pain.

Catalyst Pain Solutions, formerly AZ Pain Centers

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