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Dear Supporter,

Thank you for making a difference in the lives of Arizona foster children through Hope & A Future by volunteering, donating, or participating in our Strike Out Child Abuse Walk.As you know, a great way to help us is by directing your tax dollars to Hope & A Future and receiving a dollar for dollar Tax Credit. You can really make a difference in the life of a foster child at no additional cost to you.

Will you consider donating again this year by December 31st? Through a dollar-for-dollar tax credit on your Arizona Income Tax return, you can help Arizona foster children stay on the path to success in 2014.

Earlier this year, the State of Arizona increased the amount of the credit for organizations that help Arizona foster children. Now, single taxpayers can contribute any amount up to $400 and married couples can give up to $800 and be eligible. These donations lower the amount of taxes you owe to the state in the same amounts, and they directly help foster children though Hope & A Future’s programs instead of going to the state.

You can learn more about Hope & A Future and donate online at www.azhope.com or send a check made payable to “Hope & A Future” to:

Hope & A Future
PO Box 61172
Phoenix, AZ 85082

Single taxpayers can give up to $400
Married Couples can give up to $800

Your donation does not limit your ability to give under other Arizona tax credits, such as the private and public school tax credits.
You can give and benefit under all three tax credits!
AZ Pain Centers and Governor Jan Brewer bring awareness to child abuse through Hope & A Future

AZ Pain Centers is taking a stand against child abuse by supporting Hope & A Future. Hope & A Future is an organization in Arizona that is working to eliminate child abuse. They believe every child should live a safe, happy and prosperous life.

Governor Jan Brewer declared April as child abuse prevention month in our state. During this month, organizations such as AZ Pain Centers and Hope & A Future, along with the Governor’s office, bring awareness throughout the state of Arizona to make a difference in a child’s life.