Replacement vs. Regenerative Procedure Cost Comparison

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The information for deductible, co-insurance, out-of-pocket maximum, physical therapy cost and lost wages has been pre-filled using national averages (in red below)

You can enter your insurance and wage information in the designated areas below to get a personalized estimate.

Regenerative Therapies

  • Super Concentrated Platelets and Platelet Lysate Regenexx Procedure (5 visits)
    • (Autologous Blood – the reinfusion of processed blood or process blood components to the same individual from whom they were taken)
    • Initial Exam / Consultation
    • Prolotherapy Pre-Injection
    • SCP / PL Procedures (3)
    • Prolotherapy Post-Injection
    • Post Procedure Follow-Up Exam
  • Stem Cells Regenexx Procedure – Bone Marrow Aspirate from the Hip (Iliac Crest) (3 visits)
    • Initial Exam / Consultation
    • Prolotherapy Pre- Injection
    • Stem Cell / Bone Marrow Procedure (1)
    • SCP / PL Procedures (1)
    • Prolotherapy Post-Injection
    • Post Procedure Follow-Up Exam

Additional Items to Consider

  • Increased Function
  • Pain Reduction
  • Most individuals do not experience downtime
  • Minimal Time off Work
  • No Surgery
  • Minimal Use of Medications
  • Minimal Use of Mobility Tools (Crutches)
  • Physical Therapy is encouraged in some cases but not required in all cases
  • Minimal Disruption of Regular Routine

Back Surgery (Average Cost): $49,500

  • Pre-Operative Office Visits
  • Hospital admission, Surgeon, Anesthesia
  • Deductible:
  • Co-Insurance:
  • Out-of-Pocket Maximum:
  • Post-Operative Office Visits
  • Post-Operative Medications for Pain
  • Mobility Units (Walkers, Crutches, etc)
  • Physical Therapy:
    • On average, 8 physical therapy visits are necessary after a surgical event. Multiply your co-pay by 8.
  • Lost Wages:
    • On average, at least 6 weeks time off work is necessary after a surgical event.

Additional Items to Consider

  • Up to 6 Weeks Time off Work
  • Painful Surgery
  • Strong Medications
  • Use of Mobility Tools Required (Walkers, Crutches, etc)
  • Up to 6 Months of Physical Therapy Required
  • Possible Disruption of Regular Routine, Including:
    • Unable to walk normally for up to 6 months
    • Unable to bend at the waist normally for up to 6 months
    • Unable to engage in activities that put pressure on the hip.
  • Once you’ve altered the hip surgically, it will not perform with the same feel or function as your original hip.

Patient’s Total Cost for Regenerative Solution

SCP & PL Procedure Package: $5,000

Stem Cells Procedure Package: $7,500

Patient’s Total Cost for Surgical Solution


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