Destry Abbott

  • AMA Motocross Champion
  • Patient of Catalyst Pain Solutions

Destry has been a Monster Energy Kawasaki rider for 14 years with 5 AMA National Hare & Hound championships to his credit. Abbott excels on the technical tracks and does well in many different types of races throughout the year. He has been on the WORCS podium a number of times throughout his career. Known for his low-key personality and good nature, Abbott is a true sportsman and ambassador of the sport.


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Destry’s DA8 Endurocross Fan Section

If you’re going to be in Arizona September 24th this is an event/race you don’t want to miss!!! Great way to support all of our local racers and DA8 Athletes. We’re going to have a huge, fun DA8 section (150-reserved seats as of right now) and when you purchase your ticket with us, you’ll receive a free DA8 t-shirt with every ticket! Purchase them ASAP before they sell out and get your free t-shirts!!!

On another note, I’m working on doing a 2016 recap right now to send out to everyone and let you guys know what’s going on. It’s been a wild ride so far and I’m lucky enough to be at home for a couple weeks before my next treatment back in Houston again! Thank you for everyone’s support and for sticking with us!!!

-Destry Abbott

Destry’s Mesquite Offroad Weekend!

There was a great mix of MX to Endurocross sections in the day race!

There was a great mix of MX to Endurocross sections in the day race! The Mesquite Offroad Race has a great reputation and I was really excited to have the opportunity to add it to my 2014 schedule! I’m definitely glad I didn’t miss it this year and was super excited with my performance over the weekend!

It’s really a unique event that combines multiple genres of racing with Endurocross, MX, GP, and even freestyle ramps thrown in. I signed up for the Vet Pro Class (since I’m one of the old guys and it had a nice purse), in addition to the regular stacked pro class!

During the day racing we ran a GP style course that was pretty sandy and reminded me of the Lake Havasu WORCS race with some cool MX and Endurocross sections. The Vet Pro race went really well and I was able to win both Motos (20-minutes plus a lap) with Kurt Nicoll finishing 2nd.

For the regular Pro race I knew I was going to have to be on my A game! It was a dead engine start and I usually kill those! The key word there is usually! When the flag dropped it took me 8 to 10 kicks to get my bike started! Definitely not the start I wanted. When I finally got going I saw there was one other guy still kicking which meant I had around 25 Pros to pass! I hammered down right off the bat and was making some great passes, but there was one part of the track that was pretty silty and that was where I really struggled making up time. After the first lap I believe I was in 14th. When the checkered flag came out I was really pumped to make it up to 5th and knew if I had a better start I could’ve been right there!

By the time the second Pro moto started the track was getting really beat, which I figured would help me out even more! I just needed a good start, but I wasn’t too confident about it after the first race! I was having a few small issues with my 450 which had sucked a lot of dirt earlier, and the bike didn’t have much compression! So of course when they dropped the flag it didn’t start again and by the time it did I was dead last!

It was time to put my head down and see what I could do! Luckily I saw a few of the other top guys had some bad starts and just got behind them and hammered away! I definitely had some better lines than most of the guys as they were just slamming the whoops! The DA8 Training has definitely been paying off on my line choices. 😉 Halfway into the 20-minute plus a lap race, I was already in 5th and then was able to get by a couple guys the next lap.

Before I knew it I was in second and closing in on Dietrich! With two laps to go I was within a few seconds, but the silt section was killing me to try and stay right on him! I had a close call in the silt and had to back off a little for the finish! Ricky was riding really well, and I ended up finishing a few seconds behind him which gave me second in the moto and second overall for the Pro race!
4Results (Pro Race) Top 10:

1st Gary Sutherlin (DA8 Rider)
2nd Destry Abbott (DA8 Owner)
3rd Coltan Haaker
4th Ty Tremaine
5th Ricky Dietrich
6th Cody Webb
7th Max Gerston
8th Dave Broderick (DA8 Rider)
9th Kyle Tichenor
10th Colby Sorenson

After the day races the Mesquite Offroad crew had a really cool night race that was going to be a hybrid of both freestyle and Endurocross! I went and told the promoter I wasn’t going to be able to race since my 450 didn’t have much compression and wasn’t starting, but then Cooper suggested I race his 250f. I was thinking it would be great for the EX sections, but it’s set up for Cooper and really soft for the freestyle ramps! We had a 10-minute practice and I figured I would give it a try! I was actually having a blast on it, but definitely had to be smooth over the ramps!

This was going to be a 10-lap main event and this time we were going to be racing the freestyle guys on a much shorter course (with lap times around a minute). The freestyle guys definitely had a big advantage since they got to miss one of the EX lanes that had the matrix and mud pit! That being said, they still had to ride some EX sections and were riding them really well!

This time on the dead engine start I had a first kick and was second behind Cody Webb! It felt just like an Endurocross race and the huge amount of spectators were all into it! Kenny Bartram was able to get by me when he hit his freestyle ramp and made the pass! Then a couple laps later Coltan Haaker made a great pass on me through the Matrix section. With two laps to go Kyle Redmond and I had an awesome battle going, and then he got by me. But the last lap I was able to get back by and take a 4th overall!

Beyond Pro Night Race


Top 10:

1st Kenny Bartram
2nd Coltan Haaker
3rd Cody Webb
4th Destry Abbott (DA8)
5th Kyle Redmond
6th Ricky Dietrich
7th Nick Thomas
8th Max Gerston
9th Gary Sutherlin (DA8)
10th Lance Coury
Other Random Notes:

I honestly feel like I’m riding the best I have in over 5 years! I changed up a few things in my program and I think hitting a lot of MX races has really helped with my aggression! My bike setup, fitness, mental side, and confidence has been really good too! Of course I would love to be trying to win my 6th AMA Hare & Hound Championship, but I’m really enjoying my program and what I’m doing now! I have been working with some amazing athletes in the gym and at my riding schools, which in return has been pushing me more too!

I’m so pumped on my DA8 Riders that were here racing! Of course Gary and I going 1-2 in the Pro race was a huge highlight for me! Gary is an amazing rider and one of the hardest workers out there! I know if I was a team manager he would definitely be on my team! I also had my son, Cooper, that raced during the day and finished 2nd overall in the A/B race! Dave Broderick also drove up with us from Arizona and did awesome finishing in the top 10 in the stacked pro class.

This was by far one of the coolest events I’ve been to in a long time! It was first class all the way, from the meet and greet Friday night as well as the press conference we did. Then the event took place outside the Eureka Hotel parking lot which had a carnival that was part of the event! It was a huge turnout for spectators and with the purse over $15k they had some of the best riders in the world here! Definitely an event I highly recommend putting on your 2015 schedule as it won’t disappoint! Thanks to Bryan Green and everyone that made this event possible! Check out for more details.

It was really cool to see Gary Holdcraft, from RAD Manufacturing, at the race supporting his riders! He’s been a huge supporter of my gym, schools, and racing! Great guy and definitely someone we should support!
Don’t forget about the Grand Opening of my DA8 Training Facility this Saturday! We have a huge amount of raffle prizes and some cool activities where you can win some amazing prizes!

Friday night the freestyle guys put on an amazing show with flips and a whip contest that was really cool. All really good guys (Kenny Bartram, Lance Coury, Les Parson, and Anthony Murray).

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