104.7 KISSFM Radio Hosts & Patients of Catalyst Pain Solutions

Catalyst Pain Solutions helped Johnjay and his wife become pain free!

Johnjay & Rich

Together, they are the Johnjay & Rich morning show!

Born to immigrant parents, Johnjay Van Es is brash, funny, odd, warm-hearted, OCD and many other qualities that we are still diagnosing. He is a husband and father. Johnjay is constantly looking for cutting-edge ways to improve his health and lifestyle, he turns to Catalyst Pain Solutions for effective research-based procedures for all of his pain issues.

Rich Berra is quick-witted, an instigator, a diagnoser of all Johnjay O.C.D. behavior, a dad of three young children and husband to a wife from the middle of Texas. He is sometimes referred to as “the normal one”, but the more you hear, the more you realize they both need immediate help. If you like him, he’ll make you a mix tape.