Autologous Bone Marrow Aspirated Concentrate Mesenchymal Stem Cell Regenerative Procedures

The Interventional Orthopedics Foundation, supports physician use of legitimate biologic therapies for orthopedic uses, such as super concentrated platelet and bone marrow concentrate. These autologous treatments – meaning the cells and tissue used come from the patient’s own body – are research-based in their effectiveness for patients.

At Catalyst Pain Solutions, we have seen our patients avoid surgery and experience very little down time with these treatments. They also typically avoid the long and painful rehabilitation periods that often follow surgeries to restore joint strength and mobility.

If you are considering surgery, arthroscopy or joint replacement, we invite you to explore all of your options, including RegenexxTMProcedures and other treatments available at Catalyst Pain Solutions. These are methods that help your own body heal itself naturally.

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